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Custom Stencils

Throughout our experience we have helped many clients to create and use custom stencils in their beautiful DIY projects. Making and using stencils for different purposes such as: logos, interior decorations, branded coffee, customizing T-shirts, decorating walls or even floors, were all a real success and we rejoiced with our customers for the success of their special projects. If you want to be part of your project, whether it is a business, office or even your home, we will be happy to help you and get involved in your unique projects.


We make stencils for different uses. We work daily with people but also companies. We can make custom stencils according to your needs. Wall stencils, floor stencils, parking marking stencils, company logo stencils, face painting stencils, stencils with different text, coffee and kitchen stencils and many other uses. Custom stencils can come in different sizes.
To make such a stencil, at the beginning we need some information from you such as: a short description of your project, the size of the stencil, but also an image or text that you want to turn into a stencil.

If the image you sent is ready to be cut, ie it is in vector format but also has the stencil lines made, then the stencil can be shipped even on that day (depending on the volume of orders that day). Accepted vector formats: ai, cdr, eps, pdf.

If the sent image is in vector format but does not have the stencil lines drawn, this will be done by us and additional fees will be charged, and the stencil will be shipped in 1-2 working days.

If the image for the stencil is sent in rasterized format (jpg, png, gif, tiff) then it can take several days and additional editing costs are charged depending on the difficulty of the project.

Additional editing fees are charged only once per model regardless of the number of stencils you want from that model.
The maximum cutting size of a one-piece stencil is A3 (297 x 420 mm), but it is possible for stencils to be made of several pieces with a clamping system between them.

Stencil prices VARIANT 1
If your image does not need vectorization, drawing stencil lines, or additional editing, then the estimated cost of a stencil, depending on its size, is as follows:

Rectangular stencil
A7 (74 x 105 mm): 4, - €
A6 (105 x 148 mm): 5.5 €
A5 (148 x 210 mm): 7,- €
A4 (210 x 297 mm): 10, - €
A3 (297 x 420 mm): 13, - €

Border stencil
Small border (210x70 mm): 4.5 €
Medium border (290x70 mm): 6,5  €
Large border (400x 100 mm): 9,- €
Wall border *: (400x300 mm): 13, - €
* The wall border has a special side space to use paint roller

Round stencil
100 mm: 4, - €
150 mm: 5, - €
200 mm: 7, - €
300 mm: 9, - €
350 mm: 13, - €
400 mm: 16, - €

Face painting stencil
Small crescent (100 mm): 5.5 €
Large crescent (150 mm): 7,- €
Oval (100 x 50 mm): € 4.5 €

For other sizes or shapes you can contact us by e-mail, where you can send us more details and we will answer you as soon as possible.
These prices are estimated, depending on the size of the stencil, but of course if there are additional costs we will inform you in advance.

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